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April 7, 2014

New at Life Sciences Forum 2014

The Life Sciences Forum Costa Rica 2014 will bring together more than 300 representatives from companies that manufacture pieces, components and medical devices, suppliers, key service providers, consulting firms and other industry stakeholders. Additionally, supplying companies from the orthopedic, cardiovascular, neurovascular, endoscopic, esthetics, sports medicine, ENT, dental, urology, women´s health, and ophthalmology sub sectors; as well as contractors, developers, raw material and equipment suppliers, clean room specialist, consultants, universities, logistics and transportation companies, among others, will participate in the event.

Garnier & Garnier has been involved in the design, construction, sales and promotion of multiple and successful real estate projects: industrial parks and free zones, shopping centers and exclusive resorts and residential condos for over 18 years. Its business structure allows it to conceive project in an integral and comprehensive manner: clients are advised and guided throughout the entire process. This undoubtedly becomes its competitive advantage.

The Life as Gold Sponsor of Life Sciences Forum 2014, Garnier & Garnier leadership in free zones, business parks and corporate center developments in Costa Rica would definitely be an invaluable asset.

This year Garnier & Garnier presents, La Lima Free Zone & Business Park, offering over 400,000 m2 of construction capacity in over 79  Ha of property. La Lima Free Zone and Business Park is strategically located in Cartago, a key source of on-site highly trained human talent.

Conceived with multipurpose use in mind, La Lima is the ideal solution for equipment manufacturers, suppliers, logistics and services companies alike.


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